Online PDF Compression Tool provides a free online PDF compression service. For peace of mind, any files uploaded will be automatically deleted within an hour, check out our privacy policy for more information.

Do keep in mind that uploading and compressing PDFs can take some time, after hitting "upload & shrink" hang around until the page re-loads.

Upload a PDF file that you want to make smaller. Once the file is uploaded, a download link will be generated.

Version: 0.6 has undergone limited testing, and may break or cause unexpected errors.

Be Smart for Smartphones - Compress that PDF!

With more website visitors using mobile devices, why treat them like second class citizens by including large PDF's on your website, email or app? Use compress PDF to shrink the files and make them more friendly for mobile users.

Emailing PDFs

Why clog up the inbox of your friends and co-workers? Compress the PDF file before you email it, that way they'll not only get there faster but be quicker to open. Don't forget major mail providers have a file size limit of around 20MB, so comrpessing PDFs also means that attachments are more likely to arrive.

PDFs on Websites

Thinking of putting a PDF on your website? Well make sure it's optimised for the web, run it through to make the file as smaller, allowing your users to download and access it much faster.